Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you access ".." with go-live?

When the go-live process starts, it serves all files and sub-directories that the user has read access to. Any files or directories above the target directory aren't served by the process, that includes ".."

What is the difference between go-live and Javascript's live-server?

The famous Javascript package, live-server ( inspired the go-live project. However there are some major differences:

  • live-server is designed exclusively for local development, go-live is designed both for local development and production file serving.

  • live-server requires Node.js be installed on a system. Because Go is compiled, go-live can be deployed on any system or architecture that Go supports.

  • live-server requires over 52 MB of NPM modules, and Node.js (another 30MB) to be installed, go-live is around 5 MB for an entirely self-contained executable.

  • go-live supports sharing files on the subnet or internet via a light-weight file server.

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