File Hosting Server

go-live can also perform basic network file hosting of a directory. Fast file grabbing.

Hosting Files

go-live will host any files and subdirectories of the directory it is executed in. This includes any other type of file other than .html files:
go-live --dir ~/share-directory
You can use this on a Rasberry Pi, Media Device, or Datacenter system to perform very basic file hosting on a local network or via the internet or any device that has the ability to serve on a port.
Make sure the port you are hosting on is open if connecting via the Internet. You may need sudo to run on Port 80
Users with a headless display can simply wget any files from the route.
Once the files are hosted they are accessible via the browser or via the browser. Use the local address if on the same subnet or remote address if downloading via the internet.
Access from anywhere on the local network or Internet