Local Development Server

The default use case of go-live is as local development server. This application will serve any files of the directory it's run in, including subdirectories.

Serving an HTML Folder

cd my-html-project && go-live
The index.html file will always be served at the the root as a default.
One you're serving the directory, a browser window should pop up, and you will see the server hosting all of the files in the directory, including subdirectories.
To use a different directory, you can the --dir flag, like below:
go-live --dir ./my-html-project/
All relative URL paths in CSS or JS will work. You should see a server CLI dashboard. Any changes you make are not-cached and a refresh will show the new files.
Running a Server
If the server allows outbound traffic, it is accessible from the internet or other devices on the subnet.